Beluga & Gold Package

1.510,00 kr 1.833,00 kryou save 323,00 kr

Experience ultimate luxury with our Beluga and Gold Package. This exclusive set is created to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets and will bring a sublime taste experience to your special moments.

Beluga is known as the jewel of caviar, and in our package you will find 30 g of the enchanting Iranian Beluga caviar. With its large and delicate pearls that melt on the tongue, this caviar will provide an experience of pure extravagance. Enjoy its creamy texture and complex flavors that will leave you amazed.

Gold selection caviar adds a touch of elegance to your experience. With its golden pearls that sparkle like real gold, this caviar is a celebration of sophistication and sublimity. With 30 g of this beauty, you will experience a unique combination of crispness and creaminess that will seduce your taste buds.

As an added bonus, we include two beautiful Caviars in pink mother-of-pearl. These spoons are created to serve and enjoy your caviar with style and elegance. They will add a touch of sophistication to your serving and make your experience even more memorable.

Order your Beluga and Gold Package today and give yourself or a lucky recipient the opportunity to experience the full magic of caviar. Pamper your senses with the finest pearls from the sea and let yourself be enveloped in the world of luxury and elegance. This set is a true tribute to the beauty of gastronomy and will ensure an unforgettable taste journey.