The truffle product package

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Experience the ultimate luxury with our exclusive truffle product package. We have carefully selected and composed a range of delicate products that will add a sublime truffle flavor to your culinary creations. Our truffle product package contains:

1 x Truffle polenta 400 g: Let yourself be seduced by the creamy and rich taste of our truffle polenta. This classic Italian dish gets an exclusive twist with the addition of real truffle that will take your taste buds by storm.

1 x Truffle rice 400 g: Treat yourself to our truffle rice and enjoy the rich flavor nuances of real truffle. This rice will add a sublime elegance to your rice dishes and give them an unparalleled taste experience.

1 x Summer Black Truffle Carpaccio 50 g: Add a touch of luxury to your dishes with our Summer Black Truffle Carpaccio. This delicate slice of summer black truffle will enchant your taste buds and add an intense aroma to your culinary creations.

1 x Salt and truffle 90 g: Discover a new dimension of taste with our Salt and truffle. This exclusive spice combines the freshness of sea salt with the seductive aroma of truffle, which will lift your dishes to new heights.

1 x White Truffle Oil - 100 ml: Add a subtle and delicate taste of white truffle with our White Truffle Oil. This aromatic oil will enhance your dishes and give them a refined touch of truffle.

1 x Black Truffle Oil - 100ml: Explore the depth of truffle flavor with our Black Truffle Oil. This rich and intense oil will enrich your dishes with a sublime taste and aroma that will impress your guests.

1 x Truffle sauce - 80 g: Give your dishes an extraordinary taste experience with our Truffle sauce. This delicious sauce combines the refined taste of truffle with a creamy texture that will enchant your taste buds.

Take the plunge into the enchanting world of truffles with our Mega Pack of truffle products. Give your culinary creations a luxurious and unrivaled taste experience. Order your Mega Pack today and let the magic of the truffle transform your dishes into true gastronomic masterpieces.