Friske Trøfler

Fresh Truffles

Jan 26, 2021Yavor Simeonov

Magnatum is a company that offers fresh truffles with a sophisticated taste and delicate aroma of the highest quality. Our truffles come from Europe /Italy, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain/ as well as Australia and China. We maintain excellent service and meet all our customers' requirements.

We offer all truffles according to their season:

Tuber Magnatum Pico /Alba/ - from September 21 to January 31

Tuber Melanosporum /Perigord/ - from 1 December to 15 March
Tuber Uncinatum /Burgundy/ - from September 21 to December 31

Tuber Brumale - from December 15 to March 15
Tuber Borchii /Bianchetto/ - from 15 January to 30 April
Tuber Aestivum /Summer truffles/ - from 1 June to 31 August
Tuber Macrosprum - from September 21 to December 31
Tuber Mesentericum /Bagnoli/ - from September 21 to January 31
Mattirolomyces terfezioides /Honey truffles/ - from 20 August to 15 November

We also offer truffles from different classes/ according to quality and size/ you can also have them brushed or washed.

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